Lesley Liang

Our staff – Lesley Liang

I came from Guangzhou, China and started living in Auckland since 2011. I studied Finance and Marketing in Auckland University of Technology and gained my Bachelor of Business Degree in 2015. Not long after my graduation, I started working in an education group as a marketing coordinator to promote their Montessori ECE centres and other businesses. Due to the nature of my job, I took on more responsibilities, like administration and reliever tasks for the centres. During those five years of time, I gained valuable experience about interaction with children, Montessori philosophy, the operation of ECE centres and so much more.  That was how I started my journey in Early Childhood Education.

With the encouragement of my former employer (also a good friend of mine), I started my Graduate Diploma in Teaching course with New Zealand Tertiary College and gained my qualification in May 2021. I worked full time as a teacher in a Montessori centre during my study, and I did my practicum in a Reggio inspired centre in the meantime. The experience helped me learnt more about different educational philosophies and expand my knowledge about various teaching strategies.

I believe that every child benefit from different teaching strategies, and I will keep improving my practices to suit the children’s need. I also believe that all children should be nurtured in a safe and loving environment. I will ensure all children have equitable learning opportunities to ignite their potential.