Our environment

Our environment

We believe in simplicity. The learning space has been designed to be welcoming and calming, allowing the children’s attention to focus on the individual or group activity chosen or presented.

Montessori principles blend perfectly with our philosophical practices like mindfulness and attention to detail. The philosophic approach improves children’s ability to learn. Developing their power of concentration and awareness of others provides them with the right mindset to focus on the full Montessori programme.

Within the different learning zones, high quality equipment has been selected to stimulate children’s interest and encourage independence. Our emphasis is on natural, real-life materials.

Outside we have play equipment, a trampoline, sandpit and a working water pump! Water play is a much-enjoyed activity, as is using the carpentry equipment and cool glue guns to create special projects.

Our preschoolers are involved in maintaining our gardens and enjoy growing flowers, as well as food for harvest.  Our Garden to Table programme gives them a hands-on understanding of food production and they enjoy growing items for their lunches or for the chef to use in meal preparation. The children are encouraged to initiate cooking/baking activities and prepare food for meals such as afternoon tea or lunch.

Excursions are a vital part of our programme where children get the opportunity to build their understanding of the wider world. They are educated about the safety measures they must take when they are away from the centre. These experiences give them confidence to investigate the world around them.