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Curriculum at Ficino Preschool

Curriculum at Ficino Preschool

Children will be exposed to five key areas of learning, with a focus on character building (through manners, values and virtues) incorporated across all.

1. Practical Life

These purposeful activities help children to develop motor control and coordination, while building self-regulation, and a sense of responsibility. They help to build self-care skills and encourage children to care for their environment (not only the materials they use, but the people and places within it).

These include how to push in their chair, how to prepare a snack, how to wash their hands and dishes, and how to serve their friends.

2. Sensorial

These activities allow children to refine each of their five senses. They improve their fine motor skills, visual and auditory senses and develop coordination and the ability to order and classify. Their cognitive skills of attention, memory, comparing, judging and thinking are enhanced.

3. Language

Specific, hands-on tactile materials are used to develop children’s phonetic awareness in a sequential way. This enables them to encode and decode sounds which provides the foundation for the development of their writing and reading skills.

4. Mathematics

This learning area is developed with the use of concrete materials that help children to grasp the idea of quantities before they progress on to more abstract concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions at their own pace.

5. Cultural Studies

Materials in this area provide children with an opportunity to explore their curiosity of different world ideas and the natural and physical worlds around them. This teaches them about the size of our planet and the diverse cultures and identities within it.

It includes Geography, Zoology, Botany and Science and enables children to develop their sense of belonging, not only in our diverse country, but in the wider world.

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Our Specialist Programme

The specialist programme includes weekly Playball and Drama sessions, Library visits, and off-site experiences such as visits up Mt Eden maunga.

These are all included in the fees charged to attend the preschool.

Transition to School

With its location adjacent to that of Ficino School, opportunities for interaction and a focus on a ‘Transition to School’ programme feature strongly for older children as they near school age. The Preschool and School curriculums work collaboratively.

The experiences in this programme are a combination of teaching specific skills in preparation for the Ficino School environment and children’s choices.

Our Preschoolers are already familiar with the school grounds; often visiting the hall to observe plays and take music lessons or have lunch in the lunchroom. They are also familiar with both the junior teachers and students and are excited to move on to ‘big’ school.

*Please note that you will need to apply for admission to Ficino School should you wish to enrol your child at the school. It is recommended that you attend one of the regular school tours to gain an overview of the school.

Our Enrolment Process

Ficino Montessori Preschool is an intimate boutique early childhood centre for over 2-year-old’s
  • The first step is a 30 minute tour with our centre manager, Kenna.
  • At the visit you will receive a copy of the enrolment form, information on fees and uniform requirements.
  • An Informal Interview with your child and our Head Teacher is held to see where your child fits in.
  • We encourage families to apply well in advance.

Our Gallery

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