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Philosophy of Ficino Preschool

Philosophy of Ficino Preschool

Using mindfulness techniques, our students develop self-discipline and the ability to focus.

A clear set of values and a calm classroom environment establish a strong foundation for the years ahead. By practicing mindfulness, children are taught to be truly self-aware and develop the ability to recognise what is good and true in themselves and others.

We believe in integrating the best material our cultural heritage can offer into students’ everyday learning.

At the earliest stage of education, it is important to provide a holistic approach to nourish the body, mind, and spirit of every child. Balance is important, and our enriched curriculum builds students’ confidence to engage and speak up, which naturally inspires a love of learning. Courtesy, respect and good manners are ingrained in Ficino Preschool – visitors frequently comment on the positive way children behave towards each other as well as adults. It is the Ficino way to care for and serve others.

Truth, discipline, goodness, courage, and personal responsibility are all highly valued and practiced on a daily basis.

Our Enrolment Process

Ficino Montessori Preschool is an intimate boutique early childhood centre for over 2-year-old’s
  • The first step is a 30 minute tour with our centre manager, Kenna.
  • At the visit you will receive a copy of the enrolment form, information on fees and uniform requirements.
  • An Informal Interview with your child and our Head Teacher is held to see where your child fits in.
  • We encourage families to apply well in advance.

Our Gallery

Take a look around our preschool, click on an image to view larger.